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Agricultural institute of Slovenia
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The Animal Science Department is engaged in research expert and advisory work in cattle and pig production, meat science & technology and apiculture. 


Research work 

Co-operation with Biotechnical Faculty, Zoo-Technical Department. Major topics of co-operation: information system, selection of functional secondary properties and economic cross-breeding with meat breeds. 

Expert work 

Milk recording, pedigree records, selection, reproduction and other expert projects in cattle breeding are organised in frame of the Cattle Breeding Service of Slovenia (GSS) on two levels, i.e. on the national level and on the regional level. The seat and the secretariat of the national service and GSS is situated at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. 

The purpose of individual projects is the following: 

  • collection of basic data to cover the needs of pedigree records, selection and reproduction,
  • evaluation of data and orientation towards breeding goal,
  • systematic collection, storing and processing of data on individual animals and herds,
  • preparation of national insemination program and covering the requirement for semen.

The basic collection of data and the selection within herds as well as the basic work for direct and progeny test are performed through regional offices. All the collected data are gathered, processed, interpreted, saved and published by the Cattle Breeding Service of Slovenia. 

The Cattle Breeding Service of Slovenia is active also in frame of the Biotechnical Faculty, Zoo-technical Department, Veterinary Faculty and Agronomy Faculty in Maribor. The regional service consists of six regional offices: ZVZ Murska Sobota, OZVZ Ptuj, ZZV Celje, ZVZ Kranj, KZ Ljubljana and KVZ Nova Gorica. In frame of these offices there are two breeding and two insemination centres. 

Other projects 

As the advisory work is intended primarily for breeders, GSS actively co-operates with breeding associations on both levels. They are the following: Brown Cattle Breeding Association of Slovenia, Simmental Cattle Breeding Association of Slovenia, Black and White Cattle Breeding Association of Slovenia, Beef Cattle Breeding Association of Slovenia. 

Beside working on expert projects the Animal Science Department is also active in the preparation of relevant legislation. 


Research projects 

Investigations of ruminant nutrition and forage conservation are directed towards the study of roughage quality with the stress laid on rational supply of ruminants with proteins and energy. On the basis of requirements of the new evaluation system of ruminant supply with proteins, data on protein and starch degradability in rumen are collected. In balance experiments with rams, the site and amount of starch digestion of various maize hybrids are studied. Also, different impacts on the course of fermentation in silos and on quality and stability of silage are studied. Investigations on hay quality also belong to the investigations of forage conservation. The majority of investigations at least partly deal with problems of environmental protection, especially from the point of view of reduction of nitrogen pollution. Then there are also investigations of the content of macro and micro-elements in forage. The majority of investigations are carried out in co-operation with Central Laboratory. 

Expert and other work 

The co-operation with Central Laboratory covers the evaluation of forage quality for external customers and issuing expert opinions for inspection samples of feeds. Advisory work is directed towards forage ensiling and cattle nutrition. 


Research work 

Our research is interdisciplinary between livestock and food production and is directed towards improving quality and safety of animal products. Key fields of research, as can be seen from on-going and finished projects, are related to carcass classification, meat and meat products quality (from physical, chemical, proteomic and genetic point of view) and dry ham production.

Proffesional work

In accordance with pig breeding program and a contract with the approved breeding organisation (chamber of agriculture - Kmetijsko-gozdarska zbornica Slovenije), we perform tasks related to the evaluation of pig carcass and meat quality. Within the frame of this program we also carry out various developmental projects (e.g. introduction of NIR spectroscopy for meat evaluation, testing immunocastration, genetic markers for meat quality). We also participate in the advisory council of approved breeding organisation, we publish and disseminate results of our work to pig producers and we also perform advisory service and consulting in the area of our research work.  


Research projects 

The priority is given to investigations of genetic components of variability of economic and morphologic properties of Carniolan bee, investigations of honey quality and nectar secretion sources, especially honey dew. 

Expert projects 

Here, the priority is given to management of the National Service of Selection in Apiculture. The Service organises and carries out the selection of Carniolan bees in Slovenia. On the basis of legal provisions breeding activities in registered queen breeding places are co-ordinated, progeny test of queens is organised and carried out and Institute owned selection of honeybees is carried out on three apiaries with the total of 90 bee families. 

The work of monitoring and forecasting service of nectar secretion is run and supervised in co-operation with Bee Breeding Association of Slovenia. 

Other projects 

Participation in the preparation of legal rules concerning bee breeding, engagement in the problems of protection of national quality honey production and in advisory work.
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