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Agricultural institute of Slovenia
Hacquetova ulica 17
SI-1000 Ljubljana 

VAT number: SI23887729

Tel.: +386 1 28 05 262
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 Marjeta ČANDEK-POTOKAR, Ph.D.   
      Tel.: +386 1 28 05 124

  Martin ŠKRLEP, Ph.D. 
      Tel.: +386 1 28 05 234
 Nina BATOREK, Ph.D.student 
      Tel.: +386 1 28 05 230

 Blaž ŠEGULA, M.Sc. 
      Tel.: +386 1 28 05 227
      Tel.:+386 1 28 05 230

      Research work:

      Our research is interdisciplinary between livestock and food production and is directed towards improving quality and safety of animal products. Key fields of research, as can be seen from on-going and finished projects, are related to carcass classification, meat and meat products quality (from physical, chemical, proteomic and genetic point of view) and dry ham production.


     Proffesional work:

      In accordance with pig breeding program and a contract with the approved breeding organisation (chamber of agriculture - Kmetijsko-gozdarska zbornica Slovenije), we perform tasks related to the evaluation of pig carcass and meat quality. Within the frame of this program we also carry out various developmental projects (e.g. introduction of NIR spectroscopy for meat evaluation, testing immunocastration, genetic markers for meat quality). We also participate in the advisory council of approved breeding organisation, we publish and disseminate results of our work to pig producers and we also perform advisory service and consulting in the area of our research work.  

On the call of the ministry of agriculture we perform development projects related to pig carcass classification, i.e. dissection trials and preparation of equation for lean meat percentage calculation, assessment of factors affecting the accuracy of classification (or lean meat percentage evaluation), we also participate in meetings of experts for pig carcass classification at the level of EU.


      Research themes:

      Ph.D. projects:

            -  Immunocastration as a way to prevent meat boar taint: influence on growth performance, body composition and meat quality (on-going)
National projects: 
     - V4-0301 Develpopment of method for pig carcass classification
     - L4-1188 The aptitude of different pig genotypes for production of dry-cured ham
     - V4-0864 Evaluating market prospects for traditional Prekmurje dry ham
     - L4-6376 Predictive ability of NIR spectroscopy for pig meat quality evaluation
     - L4-1320 Morphological and physiological parameters of reproduction, development and growth in animals
     - L4-9468 Use of genetic markers to breed pigs adapted for low salted dry ham
     - V4-0116 Chemical composition of pig meat - nutritional tables
EU projects: 
    - 5.FP EUPIGCLASS, Pic carcass classification 
    - 6.FP TRUEFOOD ; Traditional United Europ Food 
    - 6.FP YOUNG-TRAIN;Training and mentoring early career scientists from candidate, associated and Mediterranean Countries in whole food chain approach to quality and safety
    - 6.FP PIGCAS; Piglet castration in Europe

Research achievements:
1. Alternatives to pig castration:

2. Dry ham production:

3. Use of NIR spectroscopy for meat quality evaluation:

4. Pig carcass classification:

5. Carcass and meat quality: 

6. Chemical composition of pigmeat - nutritional tables:

  • GOLOB, Terezija, STIBILJ, Vekoslava, ŽLENDER, Božidar, KROPF, Urška, KOROŠEC, Mojca, POLAK, Tomaž, SALOBIR, Janez, ČANDEK POTOKAR, Marjeta, GOLOB, Terezija (ur.), BERTONCELJ, Jasna (ur.), KROPF, Urška (ur.), KOROŠEC, Mojca (ur.), KOROUŠIĆ-SELJAK, Barbara (ur.). Slovenske prehranske tabele, Meso in mesni izdelki = Slovenian food composition tables, Meat and meat products. Ljubljana: Biotehniška fakulteta, Oddelek za živilstvo, 2006. tabele. ISBN 961-6333-48-8. ISBN 978-961-6333-48-1. [COBISS.SI-ID 229433856]

 7. Other:



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